Tenure-Track System, Tokyo Institute of Technology
東京工業大学 テニュアトラック制度

for Academic Year 2012

*Application has been closed.

Mechanical Engineering Departments

This page lists conditions specific to the position offered by Mechanical Engineering Departments.
For general conditions applicable to all tenure-track positions at Tokyo Tech, see the explanation in
"About Tenure-Track System at Tokyo Tech".
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A Tenure-Track Associate Professor
April 1, 2012 (at the earliest) - March 31, 2017
- PhD degree in Natural Science or Engineering, preferably no earlier than April 2002.
- In case that the applicant got degrees in Tokyo Tech, two or more years experience of research and/or education at other institutions (academic or industry) is additionally required.
- English-language proficiency
- For non-Japanese applicants, Japanese proficiency for research and educational activities and administrative work is required.
Research Field
- Advanced Interdisciplinary Fields of Design of Mechanical Systems and Human Sensibilities (including but not limited to: Ergonomics, Kansei Engineering, Industrial Design, and so on)
Job Description
- Research activities
- Educational activities including supervising students and giving lectures at undergraduate and graduate school.
Working Place
An office and a laboratory spaces are provided in the Mechanical Engineering Departments (Ookayama Campus).
Research Fund
For the first three years a minimum of 2,000,000 yen per year will be provided.
Basic Salary and Fringe Benefit Package
*Determined in accordance with regulation of Tokyo Tech and with consideration of qualification, work experience and achievement.
**Fringe benefit package includes housing allowance, health insurance, retirement allowance and etc.

(Calculation example of basic salary)
1) Associate Professor, age 34 with 7-year experience as a researcher (full-time position) after obtaining a doctorate ⇒ approximately 6,682,000 yen per year.
2) Lecturer, age 31 with 5-year experience as a researcher (full-time position) after obtaining a doctorate ⇒ approximately 5,871,000 yen per year.
Application Documents to be submitted
All the application documents should be written in English.
1) CV
Please include the information of three references.
(name/affiliation/phone number/email address)
2) List of publication, invited talks, awards, competitive funds and etc.
3) Brief outline of past research achievements
4) Description of research plan
5) Copies of about 5 representative papers
6) Record of educational experiences

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Selection Criteria
- Research Achievement
- Plan and Future Perspective of your Reserach and Education Activity
- International Activeness and Leadership
Retirement Age
Japanese universities have compulsory retirement ages. In Tokyo Tech the retirement age for tenured faculty members is 65 years.

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