Tenure-Track System, Tokyo Institute of Technology
東京工業大学 テニュアトラック制度

for Academic Year 2012

*Application has been closed.

Materials Innovation,
Department of Organic Polymeric Materials

This page lists conditions specific to the position offered by Department of Organic Polymeric Materials.
For general conditions applicable to all tenure-track positions at Tokyo Tech, see the explanation in
"About Tenure-Track System at Tokyo Tech".
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A Tenure-Track Associate Professor
April 1, 2012 (at the earliest) - March 31, 2017
- PhD degree in Natural Science or Engineering, preferably no earlier than April 2002.
- In case that the applicant got degrees in Tokyo Tech, two or more years experience of research and/or education at other institutions (academic or industry) is additionally required.
- English-language proficiency
*Japanese proficiency is not a requirement in the selection. However some Japanese skill will be necessary to carry out your research and educational activities once you are actually hired.
Research Field
Materials Innovation
(Organic Materials, Nanotechnology, Materials Creation) 
Job Description
- Research activities in accordance with the research plan submitted at the time of employment
- Educational activities including supervising students and giving lectures at undergraduate and graduate school.
Working Place
An office and a laboratory space are provided in the Department of Organic Polymeric Materials (Ookayama Campus).
Basic Salary and Fringe Benefit Package
*Determined in accordance with regulation of Tokyo Tech and with consideration of qualification, work experience and achievement.
**Fringe benefit package includes housing allowance, health insurance, retirement allowance and etc.

(Calculation example of basic salary)
1) Associate Professor, age 34 with 7-year experience as a researcher (full-time position) after obtaining a doctorate ⇒ approximately 6,682,000 yen per year.
2) Lecturer, age 31 with 5-year experience as a researcher (full-time position) after obtaining a doctorate ⇒ approximately 5,871,000 yen per year.
Application Documents to be submitted
All the application documents should be written in English.
1) CV
*Please include the information of three references.
(name/affiliation/phone number/email address)
2) List of publication , invited talks, awards, etc.
3) Brief outline of past research achievements
4) Description of research plan
5) Copies of about 5 representative papers

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Selection Criteria
- Research Achievement
- Plan and Future Perspective of your Reserach and Education Activity
- International Activeness and Leadership
Retirement Age
Japanese universities have compulsory retirement ages. In Tokyo Tech the retirement age for tenured faculty members is 65 years.

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